ADECO is proud to be the UAE’s and Middle East’s regional dealer for Vema Lift Oy’s, or Vema, a top-quality manufacturer of fire and safety equipment from Finland. Vema has a superb range of equipment to meet the rescue needs of different environments, including rescue platforms for high-rise buildings, telescoping water/foam towers, and industrial fire equipment. At ADECO, we offer a selection of Vema equipment that meet this region’s needs: the F-series, TWT-series, and TE-series vehicles.

Vema Vehicles Supplied by ADECO

VEMA TE-Series for Industrial Use

Day after a day, a year after a year the VEMA TE-series aerial working platform keeps running. The oldest platform that is daily used has leaving the factory already in year 1989. This proves the reliability of VEMA TE-series in continuous and hard working conditions. No wonder that VEMA TE is the first choice of professionals. There are four models available with working heights from 14,2 meters to 22,2 meters.

VEMA F-Series Aerial Ladder Platform

VEMA F-series includes hydraulic aerial platforms for rescue operations. VEMA F-series has been created for using state of the art engineering know how and material choices.

VEMA F-series includes hydraulic aerial platforms for rescue operations.

  • working height from 28 m to 70 m depending of type
  • maximum up and over capacity
  • maximum cage load is 500 kg even with maximum working height
  • horizontal outreach with different selected working cage load is the best in the market

VEMA TWT-Series Water/Foam Towers

The market’s most comprehensive selection of telescopic water/foam towers for industrial fire brigades. VEMA TWT-series includes hydraulic water and foam extinguishing towers.

  • Three operating height alternatives: 33, 37 or 44 m
  • Can be equipped with any main fire pump manufacturers’ pump up to 10.000 l/min capacity
  • Can be equipped with any foam system available