Our Company

ADECO was founded in 2003 by our Chairman, Mr. Ahmed Khaleel Al Mureikhy, licensed to deal with a range of municipal equipment and fire-fighting vehicles. Our sister company in Abu Dhabi, already dealing with such products, had been in operation since 1990. The operations were later merged and ADECO was tasked with the overall management of these products. Two separate departments were created: Environmental Products and Fire-Fighting Products. Our Environmental Products Department is the pioneer in the supply of specialized municipal equipment.

First-Class Products

Our focus and expertise in selecting sweepers and after-sales support for such vehicles are unmatched. Additionally, to meet the growing needs of municipalities and contractors in the field of wood, we added new products lines for wood chipping, waste processing and land clearing operations.

The Fire-Fighting Products Department offers a range of specialized vehicles and equipment, meeting the latest requirements with regard to quality and reliability. Fire Vehicles of various types, Aerial Ladder Platforms and Long-Distance Pumping Systems, form the core of our product line.

Service Excellence

Our after-sale support is unrivaled, offering monthly inspection of vehicles and equipment, with the option of a full-fledged maintenance contract. Our dedicated team of service specialists with well-equipped mobile workshops ensures the maximum availability and reliability of vehicles and equipment supplied by us. We also repair and refurbish vehicles to extend their working life.

Our Values


You can trust us to do our utmost to get it right every time. We offer you reliable products and demand the same of our sub-suppliers. Come what may, we keep your interests and satisfaction in mind.


We deliver nothing less than quality products manufactured in countries such as Sweden, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, and France. We do not claim to be the cheapest but we are proud to be among the best.


We never compromise with the safety of an equipment or a workplace. This means nothing less than original replacement parts and professional and trained service persons. It is integral to our philosophy.


Our range of products meet the current standards with regard to environment and health. We only offer the most efficient, effective, and safe equipment.

Professionally Certified

Our team meets international standards for Excellent Management Systems and Occupational Health and Safety.
ISO 9001 certification
ISO 45001 certificaiton

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