ADECO is proud to be the UAE’s and Middle East’s regional dealer for Brescia Antincendia International Srl, or BAI, a top-quality manufacturer of fire and safety equipment. BAI is specialized in industrial and civil operations including airports, platform rescues, and more. At ADECO, we offer highly customized options to fit any specific fire and safety needs.
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BAI Equipment Supplied by ADECO

Airport Rescue

BAI’s range of fire fighting vehicles includes airport firefighting trucks with rapid intervention, high extinguishing capacity, special chassis, and rescue stairway vehicles. They are all conceived to give adequate means of dealing with hazards as fast and safe as possible in any case of a crash situation. BAI’s Airport Rescue range includes both 4×4 and 6×6 versions. The vehicles always meet the requirements stipulated by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and other regulating bodies responsible for the air safety. Our firefighting superstructures meet our customers requests on the most suitable chassis version.

Hydraulic Platforms

A Hydraulic Platform (HP) is a large fire appliance used mainly to efficiently rescue from high-rise tower blocks and other tall buildings. It is essentially a large crane fitted with a caged platform that can be hoisted to heights well over 30 meters in some cases. The platform is raised to windows or balconies to rescue stranded persons. The appliance is also capable of pumping water and as such occasionally these units are also used to direct hose reel water jets into a fire from an elevated position. BAI VPI Hydraulic Platforms range includes firefighting and rescue platforms from 18 to 54 m working height, complete with high technology for electronics, checking and mixing devices.

Municipal Trucks

The ever increasing expansion of urban areas and the subsequent raise in fire risks, have led BAI to develop a range of fire vehicles and appliances which fully meet the requirements from municipal firefighting services. BAI Municipal firefighting vehicles can fire fight either in areas of difficult access (where reduced dimensions are required such as in historical centres, high traffic zones, mountainous areas) or in places where the firefighting intervention requires water and/or foam of superior capacities. BAI water tender vehicles offer a wide range of equipment options in order to be ideally suited to each customer particular requirement. Specialist fire appliances with the primary purpose of transporting large amounts of water to the fireground, especially where fire hydrants are not readily avalaible. Our BAIWAY firefighting superstructures, which we distinguish into two macro-categories (Fire Rescue Pumper & Fire Pumper Tanker), can be realised according to customer’s request on the best suitable chassis.

Industrial Protection

The main task of BAI industrial firefighting vehicles is to counteract the specific dangers arising from areas having a high risk of fire such as petrochemical industries, power, and nuclear plants, ports. The diversity and the concentration of the risks within the industrial sector have necessitated the development of vehicles using all types of extinguishing agents: water, foam, and powder. The complete range of appliances provided by our Company allows the industrial operators to select the most suitable vehicle according to their specific requirements.