TSM brings a human perspective to the professional cleaning sector, offering customers user-friendly solutions for their needs. They have been in the business of cleaning solutions for over 60 years and have mastered the user-driven approach to cleaning. Their equipment can be adopted into any urban cleaning process with tremendous ease. ADECO offers the UAE and the Middle East various TSM models of sidewalk sweepers, waste vacuum cleaners, and street orderly barrows. These models have proven to work exceptionally well in high-density urban environments.
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TSM Equipment Supplied by ADECO

Itala — Sidwalk Sweeper

Itala 135 is defined as a “mechanical” street sweeper because it collects the waste inside the 135 Liters bin by the rotation of the central brush and at the same time is a “suction” road sweeper also thanks to its powerful filtering system able to guarantee total filtration PM10 fine dust, even in the absence of water, freeing clean air in the environment during all the time of use. Its compactness, effectiveness and ease of use, thanks to the possibility of driving by inexperienced people without a driving license, make the Itala 135 street sweeper unbeatable in cleaning city centers, pedestrian areas, sidewalks, parking lots, cycle paths, parks and public gardens.

Itala 135 BT is the electric street sweeper that stands out for having zero environmental impact. The sweeper does not produce CO2 emissions and thanks to its powerful filtering system, the fine dust remains trapped and is not released into the environment during the collection phase. All functions are electric therefore the noise emissions are reduced only to the noise of the brushes on the ground, offering the possibility to work at any time of day or night.

Aria 240

Municipalities are faced with ever increasing requirements when it comes to cleaning public areas. The higher standards are in place to improve citizens’ lives, making the city attractive to tourists, guaranteeing people’s safety and well-being, all while preserving resources and reducing environmental impact. With continuous investments in research, we have decided to accept these challenges by building a 100% electric street vacuum for the collection of urban and industrial waste. The waste vacuum cleaner ARIA 240 is a product that is as unique as its name. Far more efficient than traditional manual cleaning tools, the waste vacuum cleaner ARIA 240 allows you to vacuum any type of waste from cigarette butts & water bottles, to dog excrements while being able to reach even the most hidden and difficult corners.

Ariamatic 240 — Vacuum Cleaner

The robotic waste vacuum cleaner Ariamatic 240 is defined as the urban electric vacuum cleaner of the future, as it is totally new concept of self propelled urban vacuum cleaners able of changing the way urban areas and historic centers are cleaned. In fact, the Ariamatic 240 is the first electric street vacuum cleaner in the world autonomous driving, equipped with the innovative Follow-Me system by TSM that identifies and follows the operator autonomously during cleaning his activities, both in urban centers and in industrial contexts. This revolutionary robotic waste vacuum cleaner allows you to work in full autonomy, and to free yourself from the management of vehicle traction, thus being able to move in total agility among obstacles of the city center. The big batteries installed not only guarantee respect for the environment as no carbon dioxide is produced, but also guarantee more than 14 hours of working autonomy, with an incredible suction capacity to collect even 2-liter bottles of water.

Cubo 180

In city centers, urban cleaning requires movement from one point to another, often with heavy loads on the arms. The electric trolley for urban maintenance, CUBO 180, is the essential tool for separating the collection of waste, thanks to the three types of bins transported on board. This increases efficiency and decreases workload, which will be allow people to enjoy cleaner and safer environments.

Cubomatic — Street Orderly Barrows

The Cubomatic is the only self-driving street orderly barrow on the market equipped with the innovative Follow-Me system (AGV). Cubomatic has 3 models: The 180, Sanispray, and Infinity.

The Cubomatic 180 is the base model, equipped with three different bins for the segregation of the city litter.

Cubomatic Sanispray is a sanitizing robot, developed during the emergency of COVID-19 . It is an electric cleaning machine able to recognize and follow automatically the operator, even in crowded areas such as the downtown. The Follow Me system mounted on this sanitizing sprayer allows the user to concentrate exclusively on sanitizing benches, bus stops, charging stations for electric cars, etc.

For the Cubomatic Infinity, the bins are replaced by extremely thin and strong 3-layer polyethylene bags that contain as much litter as you want. This smart waste collection system is effective because you have a box of bags containing up to 110 meters and it’s hygienic because you don’t come into contact with any waste. Cubomatic Infinity is the robotic cart for collecting waste without weight or size limits.