With over 40 years of experience, Scarab is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of cleaning vehicles for municipal, highway, and off-highway applications. Hailing from the United Kingdom, they pioneered single-engine truck-mounted sweepers and continue to lead the market in this field, offering highly efficient solutions for mid-to-larger sized vehicles. ADECO supplies the Middle East with two of Scarab’s excellent models, the M6 and Magnum.

Scarab M6 — Twin Engine Sweeper

The M6 incorporates all the essential features of a Scarab heavy-duty road sweeper and has been purposely developed to be packaged and shipped as safely and economically as possible to destinations around the world, where it can be easily be mounted on the local 15-18 tonne GVW truck chassis of your choice. The rugged construction, easy maintenance schedule and a carefully selected range of options ensure the M6 delivers outstanding performance in municipal and heavy-duty contractor applications.

Scarab Magnum — Single Engine Sweeper

The Magnum 72 has been designed for mounting on a truck chassis in the range of 15-18 tonne GVW and is capable of delivering powerful cleansing results in municipal, construction and road maintenance settings. Available in single-engine hydrostatic configurations, with a 7.2 cubic metre hopper giving a potential payload capacity of up to 9000kg and a water capacity ranging from 1800-2500 litres, the Magnum 72 is the optimum road sweeper for any operator looking to work harder, for longer. For the most demanding of heavy-duty applications, Scarab’s optional high-speed fan solution takes the Magnum 72’s performance to the next level.