Ravo has over 50 years of experience in compact street sweepers. Starting as a small company from the Netherlands, it has grown to be a world leader in compact mid-sized environmental sweepers. ADECO offers one of Ravo’s exceptional and highly customizable mid-sized sweepers, the 5 iSeries. At ADECO, we work closely with our clients and Ravo’s outstanding team to build the machines that will serve your needs for many years to come.

The RAVO 5 iSeries

The RAVO 5 iSeries, which is completely designed and built in the Netherlands, is the absolute best compact mid-size street sweeping machine in the world. Its robust and recognizable appearance has been a common sight in cities all around the world for many years. Every detail of the 5 iSeries was developed with one thing in mind: a clean street in one pass, no matter the season or conditions, urban or rural, sand or leaves, desert heat or arctic cold, highways or bicycle lanes. The 5 iSeries is available with two container variations, Standard Tipping (ST) and Container Dump (CD) as well various transport speeds. For those who need specific requirements, RAVO offers a range of options to customize the machine and improve its performance, such as a third brush to increase the sweeping range or a silent package to reduce the noise level of the machine.