Piquersa Maquinaria S.A., a Spanish company from Almería recognized across Europe and internationally for its innovative equipment. ADECO offers the Middle East two of Piquersa’s Dragging sweeper models, the BA-2000H and BA2300H. These sweepers sport innovative hydrostatic technology paired with a hydraulic motor to the front wheels. These sweepers offer excellent features for some of the more demanding cleaning needs of industrial settings, while still being efficient and compact to not be too cumbersome to use when trying to meet tight operation deadlines.
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The BA-2000H is Piquersa’s self-loading mechanical sweeper. It is specialized in dragging and unloading debris with ease and efficiency. Its features include:

  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Kubota V1505 diesel engine. Four cylinders with water cooling.
  • Electric start-and-stop.
  • Hydraulic steering. 
  • Three floating and adjustable sweeper brushes for lateral and central dragging and cleaning.
  • High lateral unloading. 


The BA-2300H is Piquersa’s signature compact hydrostatic dragging sweeper. It shares many of the benefits of the BA-2000H, with additional features for larger operations. It also sports a very user-friendly cabin with visibility on all sides, a pneumatic driver’s seat, and regulatory lighting and signalling.