Hammel Recyclingtechnik GmbH is a leading company in the field of shredders and recycling technology. With exceptional German engineering, Hammel machines are developed with utmost efficiency, with specialized solutions to meet any recycling needs. At ADECO, we supply one of Hammel’s primary shredders, the VB 750. With their multi-purpose recycling applications, these machines meet the high-performance needs for the region’s growing construction and urban maintenance needs. At ADECO, we work closely with our clients and Hammel’s expert team to build the machine that will serve your needs for many years to come.
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Primary Shredder VB 750

the VB 750 is a hydraulically operated recycling machine that can be used for breaking down and recycling many types of wood, waste, metals, paper, and more. Though every machine is highly-customizable, there are 3 main variations:

  • VB 750 D: Engine-driven machine with a hook lift, on a stable frame.
  • VB 750 DK L.V: Engine-driven machine with a chain for enhanced mobility. 
  • VB 750 E: An electrical machine for more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy use, with matching efficiency to the engine-driven machines. Excellent for stationary use on a stable frame. 
Every machine is easy to maintain, has low energy consumption, high throughput, low noise emissions, user-friendly controls, and a tilting hopper with an increased angle for optimal material flow.