Brodd is a Swedish company specialized in mid-sized mechanical sweepers with elevator support. For machines of their size, they offer unparalleled maneuverability and versatility. ADECO offers two exceptional sweeping products from Brodd, the Scandia and Brodd Master.

Brodd Scandia

The Scandia is Brodd’s signature towed sweeper machine, with a fairly compact sweeper size that maximizes the surface area it can clean. ADECO offers two versions of Brodd Scandia, the 2W and 3W. The Scandia 2W comes with a capacity of 1.2 tons per minute and a sweeping width of up to 3000mm. This sweeper is also equipped with automatic relief valves and easy coupling and uncoupling. That is what makes the Scandia a highly operable sweeper with large work capacity. The 3W Scandia offers the additional benefit of reaching transport speeds up to 80km/h. Eoth models are delivered with a Perkins engine, which meets all the environmental requirements.

Brodd Master

The Brodd Master is a mechanical elevator sweeper with a large capacity, which is also easy to drive and maneuver. It has a hopper at about 4 cubic meters – with a dump height of 2500mm. This hopper allows for plenty of space during service and maintenance. With its incredible maneuverability, it can handle tight spaces and narrow streets. It also has a fantastic view from the driver’s seat with user-friendly controls for ease of operation.