ADECO is proud to be the UAE’s and Middle East’s regional dealer for Bandit Industries, a top-quality manufacturer of environmental equipment. Bandit is specialized in industrial operations involving tree car, land clearing, recycling, and more. At ADECO, we offer a selection of Bandit equipment that meet this region’s needs, including a variety of Hand-fed chippers, horizontal grinders, and stump grinders.
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Bandit Equipment Supplied by ADECO

Intimidator 12XP & 12XPC

The Bandit Model 12XP is the most rugged of three 12″ capacity drum chippers offered. With a wide variety of engine options available ranging from 49.4 to 145 horsepower and features and options like the standard hydraulic lift cylinder and optional hydraulic winch, the 12XP is one of the most versatile 12″ capacity drum-style chippers available on the market today.
The Intimidator™ 12XPC is a simplified version of the 12XP, yet rugged enough to chip material up to 12″ in diameter. The 12XPC features the same drum and feed system as the 12XP but is designed to be more compact and economical. Engine options are limited up to 89 horsepower and the unit features a single 6,000 pound axle with 15″ tires. Approximate machine weight with gas engine is 4,900 pounds.

Intimidator 15XP & 15XPC

The Intimidator™ 15XP is a dominating chipper in the 15-inch drum chipper category thanks to an unbeatable combination of performance, fuel economy and durability. It chips with an oversized 37″ diameter drum (largest in its class!) and features a large 17.75-inch by 18.5-inch throat opening to easily process big limbs, forked material and large trees. Dual feed wheels in Bandit’s Slide Box Feed System provide exceptional pulling power, making the Intimidator 15XP one of the most popular hand-fed chippers on the market.
The Intimidator™ 15XPC combines features from the 12XP and 15XP making it a compact, yet highly productive 15″ capacity drum-style chipper. A good solution for those looking at a lighter weight chipper with the ability to process material up to 15″ in diameter. The unit comes equipped with the same 24″ diameter drum found on the 12XPC/12XP and features the same highly productive feed system equipped on the 15XP consisting of (2) 32.3 CID hydraulic motors and 10 5/8″ diameter feed wheels. All of these combinations make the 15XPC an excellent choice in the 15″ chipper class.

Intimidator 18XP & 19XPC

The Intimidator™ 18XP features the same feed system and diameter drum as the 15XP but in a larger capacity. The drum is also wider with a width of 22″ allowing this machine to process larger limbs and forked material. A large 20.55-inch high by 20.875-inch wide throat opening, 37-inch diameter drum, and Bandit’s Slide Box Feed System absolutely dominates everything else in the 18-inch chipper category. Great unit for tree services and municipalities looking for a larger capacity machine weighing under 10,000 pounds.
The Intimidator 19XPC is a step-up from the 18XP. Featuring the same drum as the 18XP, but what separates these two machines apart is the feed system. The top feed wheel is larger in diameter and is chain driven, along with the feed wheel motors doubling in size. These combinations give the 19XPC well over 10,000 pounds of pulling power (44% more than the 18XP). Forked material and whole trees are no match for this unit!

Intimidator 21XP

The Intimidator 21XP is the largest hand-fed drum-style chipper offered with a massive 26.25 inch high x 24.25 inch wide chipper throat opening. WIth features like the Slide Box Feed System and engine options up to 350 horsepower, the 21XP is simply the ultimate hand-fed chipper. This machine has no problem processing large whole trees, and is designed for those specializing in large tree takedowns, or any projects requiring the highest levels of production and performance.

Intimidator 65XP

The Model 65XP is the smallest of 8 disc-style chippers in the Bandit line up and has served as the mainstay brush chipper for both rental companies and tree service professionals. Compact in stature but big on performance, the Model 65XP features a wide throat opening that’s twice the size of most other chippers in the 6-inch category. A wide array of gas engines ranging from 25 to 37 horsepower are available to choose from

The Beast® Horizontal Grinders

ADECO supplies 3 models of Bandit’s ‘The Beast®’ Horizontal Grinders: the 2460XP, 2680XP, and 3680XP.

The Beast® Model 2460XP will outperform all other grinders in its size class. The 2460XP is equipped with a 60” wide by 30” diameter cutter mill, a 60” wide by 24” mill opening. This machine uses a 30-tooth cutter mill running Bandit’s patented saw-tooth style cutter bodies that regulate the size of the tooth’s bite. Most of the material is sized in the initial cut, so material exits the large screening area quicker.

The Beast® Model 2680XP offers exceptional versatility for tree services, municipalities, logging operations, sawmills, recycling yards, and many other end users seeking a one-size-fits-all recycling solution. With either a 24-inch or 35-inch by 60-inch throat opening, the Model 2680XP can easily handle waste wood, plastic, rubber, roofing shingles, chunk wood, and more. The Model 2680XP is available with the patented Beast cutter mill or an optional chipping drum for producing screened wood chips.

The most popular machine in The Beast® lineup is also one of the most popular reduction machines in the world. With a 35-inch by 60-inch opening, the Model 3680XP is in a class all its own when it comes to production, fuel efficiency, durability, and producing a truly amazing range of end-products. Choose the patented cutter mill with either 60-tooth or 30-tooth configurations, or opt for a chipping drum to produce screened wood chips for biomass markets.

Stump Grinders

ADECO supplies 2 models of Bandit’s Stump Grinders: the 2650 and 2890.

The Model 2650 is a high production stump grinder with the ability to tackle larger diameter stumps with ease. Removable dual drive wheels allow this unit to achieve a width of 35″ to fit through backyard gates. With a weight of around 3,820 pounds the 2650 can easily float over softer ground conditions leaving minimal footprint. A Kohler 74 horsepower diesel engine provides high torque for powering through stumps and the unit can be ordered with a swing-out operator’s console or radio remote with tether back-up.

Bandit’s largest wheeled stump grinder is a popular choice for companies needing a high-performance machine capable of quickly clearing large stumps, yet still has the size and maneuverability for backyard removals. A Caterpillar 120 horsepower diesel engine or GM 165 horsepower gas engine can be equipped on this model. With a broad 75″ cutter swing and aggressive horsepower, the Model 2890SP can grind large diameter stumps in a matter of minutes. A swing-out operator’s console or radio remote control can be chosen as well.