BAI – Conventional Fire Vehicles

BAI - Conventional Fire Vehicles

BAI has developed a range of fire vehicles and appliances which fully meet  the requirements from municipal firefighting services.

BAI Municipal firefighting vehicles can fire fight in areas of difficult access, in high traffic zones, as well as, in places where the firefighting intervention requires water and/or foam of superior capacities.

BAI water tender vehicles offer a wide range of equipment options in order to be ideally suited to each customer particular requirement. Specialist fire appliances with the primary purpose of transporting large amounts of water to the fire ground, especially where fire hydrants are not readily available.

BAI firefighting superstructures, are distinguished into two macro-categories (Fire Rescue Pumper & Fire Pumper Tanker) and can be realized according to customer’s request on the best suitable chassis. (Mercedes, Volvo, Man, Renault)


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