Scarab Sweepers is a global front-runner in the design, manufacture and supply of road sweepers,  range of single engine, twin engine and CNG powered truck mount and compact sweepers are designed to cover all aspects of municipal, urban or heavy duty contracting work and are built to a high standard at SCARAB manufacturing headquarters in Marden, Kent, England. 

 Scarab Sweepers founded in 1979 in the UK are part of Fayat Environmental Solutions, a division of the Fayat Group that remains determined to deliver a range of practical products that meet the demands of the user yet offer the environmental benefits they also seek.

Scarab sweepers offer a wide range of compact and truck-mounted road sweepers with excellent build quality, superior performance, optimum payload and capacity, all complemented by minimal noise and exhaust pollution.

scarab m6


The Magnum range of heavy-duty street sweepers provides operators with the most complete solution to the task of maintaining a clean environment.

The M6 has all the essential features of a heavy duty road sweeper capable of being mounted onto any available 12 to 18 tonne GVW truck chassis.

The Scarab Magnum road sweeper has been designed for mounting on a truck chassis of your choice in the range of 15 - 18 tonne GVW.

The design brief for the Merlin-XP was to create a road sweeper capable of extracting maximum efficiency and performance when mounted on a 7.5 tonne truck chassis.

The Scarab M25H is ideal for many applications, from urban or suburban heavy duty street cleansing to food & packaging warehouses, park lands and airport perimeters.