Mathieu Compact 210 Azura Flex

Mathieu Azura Flex MC210

Same features like Mathieu Azura Mc 210 plus going the extra mile.

  • A pure and functional design
  • A comfortable and spacious cab
  • Useful and intuitive technologies
  • Enhanced performance
  • Dedicated and tailor-made cleaning solutions
  • An environmentally friendly approach: 50% fuel saving

The AZURA FLEX is the essence of flexibility; being the 5-in-1 tool-sweeper version of the AZURA. 

Designed to be in ac on all year round thanks to its remarkable performance and flexibility, it will meet all your needs in terms of urban viability in all seasons, more than any other solution. 

With the standard front arrangement, it becomes a three-brush sweeping solution, a mechanical weeding solution, and a brushing scouring solution.

It takes less than 5 minutes to install the different tools. It is therefore easy for the operator and doesn't require specific machines for the various tasks. 

mathieu comapact 200 - Azura flex

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