Mathieu Compact MC210 Aquazura

Mathieu Compact MC210 Aquazura

The AQUAZURA cleaning system simultaneously achieves wetting, soaping, scrubbing, recovery and recycling of the waste water. All these actions combined into one machine ensure the AQUAZURA is unrivalled in its abilities.

Associated with a "clean" vehicle, with a low noise level, the ECO-WASHING® method is non-aggressive to the environment and is particularly well adapted to any type of floor and surface covering.

The eco-washing enables you to recover the waste water, greases and oils, solid and fine waste before separation and recycling.

With a wide range of applications, such as pavements, pedestrian areas, historical centers, parking areas, airports, at the service of civil protection, the AQUAZURA proves itself to be an extremely versatile machine that can adapt to all applications of preventive maintenance or corrective flooring maintenance.


Eco in Design

  • Use of Bio Diesel
  • Reduce Diesel consumption : 5 l/h
  • Components recycling rate : 80%
  • Bodywork components in recyclable materials
  • Engine with particle filter corresponding to the stricter environments norms EURO 5/EEV
  • Very low sound level.
  • Release of particles in the air minimized, certified PM 10

Eco in Operation

  • Very low washing water consumption (8x less than a traditional washer),
  • Hydro-mechanical washing action with non-aggressive surface scrubbing,
  • Non-aggressive, environment friendly detergent
  • Suction of waste water and detergent, solid matter
  • Recycling of waste water
  • Separation of waste water, greases, oils and solid matter
  • Degreasing of highly “polluted” surfaces in city centers
  • Protection of surfaces and floor seals
  • Protection of shop windows against water splashing

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