Mathieu Compact 210 Aquadyne

Mathieu Compact 210 Aquadyne

Mathieu Aquadyne MC 210 platform offers:

  • A pure and functional design.
  • A comfortable and spacious cab.
  • Useful and intuitive technologies.
  • Enhanced performance.
  • Dedicated and tailor-made cleaning solutions.
  • An environmentally friendly approach.

 The AQUADYNE MC 210 is particularly well specified. The washing system comprises a central spraying bar and two independently selectable telescopic side extension bars. The spraying head can be slewed and lifted hydraulically and is controlled from the comfortable cab, thus enabling a precise targeting of the areas which require intensive washing.

The side flushing jets are independently controlled. Their power and orientation are perfectly adapted for cleaning under vehicles, inside bus shelters and under benches.

mathieu aquazura
mathieu compact 3

1900 liters water capacity

The new stainless steel hopper offers a larger water loading capacity allowing the AQUADYNE for unparalleled working cycles. Its 108 liter/min, 60 bar water pump ensures the AQUADYNE provides powerful washing and is particularly effective for dusty conditions.

mathieu compact 2

3300 mm Spray Bar

The spraying bar is hydraulically via an endless screw’ providing a working width from 1400 mm to 3300 mm enabling the AQUADYNE to offer a
completely flexible solution when working around street furniture.
The unique joystick provides the driver with intuitive and responsive control during washing mode.

mathieu compact 1

360 degree washing boom

The optional 360 degree rotating boom with retractable hose-reel mounted to the top of the hopper allows the AQUADYNE to reach even the most inaccessible of areas. The boom is fed by the main water pump or can be connected to the optional 150 bar high pressure water pump for even more specialist cleaning applications.

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