Mathieu Sub-Compact MC110

Mathieu Sub-Compact MC110

The Mathieu MC110 sweeper offers many attributes. Nimble and compact, it can traverse narrow streets with great agility. Articulated and with a tiny 1.80m approx. turning radius, it can virtually turn on the spot.

With a height of less than 2 m, it's the ideal sweeper for underground car parks. Its two-brush pushed sweeping system with wide side and front swing gives it even greater agility for cleaning 90° corners and around urban amenities.

It is powerful, stylish, designed all out for on board comfort, useful technology to make life simpler with last generation clean engines along with 2 other great features:

  • The Eco- efficient working mode which comprises 80 % of the sweeping task with 50 % fuel savings.
  • A Reduction in clean water consumption ; achieved by a water recycling system that re-injects used water from the hopper into the suction nozzle added to a precise amount of clean water sprayed on to the brushes and on to the nozzle.
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