K6 Large Waste Packer

K6 Large Waste Packer

The GRANDE K6 solid waste compactor is an equipment designed for the collection of urban  solid and differentiated waste. The body is entirely made up by high quality steel sheets with straight or barrel shaped  walls, made in one single piece per each side (roof included), the whole manufactured by means of continuous wire welding executed under controlled atmosphere in order to guarantee a perfect sealing. The tailgate is hinged to the rear upper body part in order to make possible its complete opening during the waste expulsion phase. In the tailgate lower part is housed the water tight loading hopper  which is made up by special high abrasion resistance steel. The tailgate is designed and manufacture to be able to directly receive the waste disposed by satellite vehicles. The waste packing system is of the articulated mono-shovel type ( trolley and shovel ) operated by hydraulic cylinders and it is performed by means of a sliding trolley and a compaction shovel hinged on it. The synchronized movement generates a double pressure on the waste thus granting an high compaction ratio.

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European Standards

The body is manufactured in full adherence to the EC Machine Directive, as prescribed by the UNI EN 1501-1 norm, presently in force, and in full respect of the Italian and the EC regulations, by means of faults free materials and on the basis of a  manufacturing process involving quality controls during all its phases.


This equipment can be completed with a series of optional outfits, such as: lifters for waste bins and containers of a wide range of models  according to the clients request, a rear camera with the relevant monitor placed in the driver's cabin and homologated operators rear foot boards. Based on clients special needs, this equipment can also be provided with other personalized  outfits.


The compaction operations can be, alternatively, performed manually, semi-automatically automatically and synchronized with the bin lifter movements. The unloading of the waste is performed, having the tailgate been previously fully opened,  by means of an expulsion plate, located inside the body which is operated by a double effect multi stage cylinder which also generates a counter-pressure during the waste loading operation.

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