COS.ECO is an Italian company specialized in the engineering, manufacturing, sale and after sale service of special equipment destined to the transport and disposal of solid wastes and alike products : waste compactors, mini-waste packers, waste pressing bodies, tipping bodies, bin washers, water tanks and satellite waste collecting units.
The company’s long experience and continuous investment in innovation and technology has allowed COS.ECO to manufacture more and more reliable and competitive products tailored to client needs. This has been the key of their success which has made possible for them to reach an important position in the domestic and international market.
The  high specialization of their personnel and an advanced design have been the key points for COS.ECO to reach and consolidate their market leadership.
The manufacturing cycle is complete and starts from very first machining of the raw materials( steels ) and semi-finished parts by means of special machinery and it is developed by the components assembly, shot-blasting, painting and hydraulic and electronic components assembly departments ending in the final products pre-delivery test section.



The LD equipment has been designed making use of techniques and materials suitable to guarantee a long working life, an optimization of the waste containers washing times and high resistance of the wear subject components.

The GRANDE K6 solid waste compactor is an equipment designed for the collection of urban  solid and differentiated waste. The body is manufactured in full adherence to the EC Machine Directive, as prescribed by the UNI EN 1501-1 norm.

The waste packing systems are of the articulated mono-shovel type and made up by a compaction shovel and a sliding trolley with double and  totally separated loading hoppers and waste  bodies.