Brodd Scandinavia

Brodd Scandinavia

Simple, sturdy and silent - the elevator principle

Both side brushes sweep the debris into the middle of the sweeper. The wide roller brush throws it up to the sturdy elevator equipped with easy replaceable rubber rakes - and the conveyor belt transports it up to the platform body of the truck. The sprinkler ramp pre- vents the dust and it gets clean - fast and efficient! 

coseco k6 1

Sprinkler system

Two electrical membrane pumps forms a water screen in front and around the side brushes. Another ramp is located in front of the roller brush, which effectively prevents from dust.

Hydraulically driven membrane pump as option.

Brush suspensions

The side brushes as well as the roller brush ad- just automatically the correct pressure to the road surface.

Due to the unique floating system no manual ad- justments of the brush suspension must ever be done.

Manual adjustment of the side brushes as alter- native. 

Several engine options and sound absorbing engine hood

We assemble according to customer and market demands Perkins or Kubota diesel engines. Engine selections for all environmental require- ments: EU Stage IIIB/IV certified, EU Stage IIIA certified or uncertified for certain markets.

The engine hood is of course covered with sound absorbing materials to reduce engine noise.

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