Brodd Master

Brodd Master

Simple, sturdy and silent - The sweeping principle

Both side brushes sweep the dirt into the middle of the sweeper, the wide roller brush

  • throws the debris up into the feeding worm
  • further up to the elevator equipped with easy replaceable rubber rakes and transports it into the litter hopper.

The suction system (option) prevents the dust and it gets clean - faster and even more efficiently!

Brodd Master

Easy maintenance

Easy availability for service and maintenance of the sweeping unit. Just remove the covers and you have full access for simple maintenance. 

Remote control system

Everything in view from driver’s seat. All functions of the sweeping unit can be operated from this control box. The switches are equipped with lights. 

Sprinkler system

1600 l water together with the hydraulically driven water pump guarantees almost dust free sweeping. Water ramps are avai- lable in front of each side brush, behind the roller brush and in front of the truck.

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