Products and Services

Our Products and Services

We supply quality products and services, focused on customer needs and satisfaction. We propose products carefully selected with regard to your application and needs. Further, we back it up with effective after-sales support provided by dedicated engineers and staff. Our portfolio includes renowned names like RAVO, SCARAB, MATHIEU, AMS, COSECO, BAI, VEMA, HYTRANS, and more. We do not promise to offer the cheapest equipment: rather, we are proud to offer products that cost you less over their working lifetime.

We can rightfully claim to have the widest experience in the supply of road sweepers in UAE. We go all the way from selection of a sweeper to suit your application, recommendation of an appropriate chassis and then mounting the sweeper on it at our premises.

We are proud to be a company that has been long associated with Ministry of Interior, Civil Defence, Police and Military establishments. Some products that we supplied over 20 years ago are still in operation, a testament to the quality and maintenance of the products we provide.

Our technicians have been trained at the manufacturers’ facilities and are alert to the needs of the equipment they care for. We offer standard on-call service as well as comprehensive maintenance contracts that take the hassle out of your work schedule.

We are expanding our scope into the realm of urban sustainability. Working on our past experience with environmental products, we are spearheading initiatives to help make cities more eco-friendly. This includes work on bike lane design, recreational jogging track design, and recycling bins