With over 90 years of experience, Mathieu is a major player in the sweeping and cleaning market. As the only French manufacturer of street sweepers, its excellence relies on a certified channel of international retailers. It ensures to municipal customers a high level of confidence and skills, especially proximity, professionalism, and deep expertise of the market. ADECO offers 3 of Mathieu’s compact and innovative sweepers. This large and complete range ensures the customer finds the solution perfectly adapted to every specific cleaning task you’ll have to face.

Mathieu Equipment Supplied by ADECO

MC 110 Sub-Compact Sweeper

Mathieu has always followed a French manufacturing tradition of quality and inventiveness. Today more than ever, Mathieu is devoting all its forces to designing cleaning vehicles with resolutely modern lines that are contributing to a feeling of well being in urban spaces. From every angle, the MC110 displays a modern temperament with a perfect balance between the cab, the waste hopper and the large 14″ wheels with their black rims. The compact MC110 sweeper, has been designed to offer you an ultra-compact architecture combined with great manoeuvrability for collecting waste in the narrowest parts of your public areas; pavements, pedestrian areas, car parks, retail parks, etc.

Aquazura MC210

The quiet and stylish Aquazura MC 210 has been created to provide a high-efficiency total surface cleaning solution whilst still respecting the environment within which it works. The Aquazura MC 210 cleaning system simultaneously achieves wetting, soaping, scrubbing, recovery, and recycling of the wastewater. All these actions combined into one machine ensure that the Aquazura MC 210 is unrivalled in its abilities. This Eco-Washing technology is capable of treating all types of surfaces using its non-aggressive process and with its low noise and exhaust emissions ensures it is a truly ‘clean machine’. With a wide range of applications, such as pavements, pedestrian zones, historical centres, parking areas, airports, etc. the Aquazura MC 210 proves itself to be an extremely versatile machine.

Azura Flex

The AZURA FLEX is the essence of flexibility, being the 5-in-1 tool-sweeper version of the AZURA MC 210. It is a compact sweeper suitable for road cleaning with many unique features for all sorts of urban needs. These features include:

  • A third robust and efficient brush
  • An innovative brushing and scouring unit comprising 3 brushes
  • A washing kit
  • Salt spreader, snow brush, and snow blade.